Each year during the Every Member Commitment campaign, we give careful thought to the importance of St. John’s Church in our lives. We only spend what we receive—so your pledge has a significant impact on our ability to continue our ministries. It costs $3,584 per day to run St. John’s Church, and over 90% of every dollar we spend comes from annual giving.

The following questions and answers may help you decide what size gift is right for you. Thank you for your generous support of St. John’s Church.

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What is Christian Stewardship?

Christian stewardship is using the gifts God has given us to do the work God is calling us to do. All that we have in this life is a gift from God: our time, our talents and our treasure. Part of being a good steward is giving back to God some of what we have been given, in loving gratitude for God's many gifts to us.

Although money is an important aspect of stewardship, it is not the only one. Many Episcopalians today have more money than they have time. Please consider all aspects of stewardship in your own life and how you can be a good steward of the time and talents that God has given you.

Why should I pledge to St. John's Church?

One of the special gifts that God has given us is the vibrant community of St. John's Church. Through its many opportunities for worship and service to others, and through its ministries of fellowship, education, and spiritual growth, St. John's Church nurtures and sustains each of us in numerous ways. By giving back to the Church, you help to ensure that these ministries will continue to reach many people both close to home and far away.

To sustain and strengthen St. John's Church, the Vestry and Stewardship Committee ask every parishioner to pledge for the coming year. If you have pledged before, we ask you to continue your commitment to this congregation and prayerfully consider increasing your pledge. If you have not pledged before, we ask you to join in our mutual commitment to maintain and strengthen this Christian community for the future.

What financial resources do we need for 2014?

We need to increase our total pledges by $190,000 for 2014. While this amount may seem large, it can be largely achieved if every current pledging household increases its pledge by at least $10 per week (less than $1.50 per day).

What is a pledge and why is it important?

A pledge is a spiritual decision and a spiritual discipline. It is a joyful thanksgiving for God’s grace in our lives and our way of doing God’s work at home and in the world. Pledge income is essential to the ministries of St. John’s Church – worship, staff, programs, and the property. In 2013, pledges accounted for more than 80% of our operating budget and all annual giving combined accounts for over 90% of our operating budget.

How much should I pledge?

The Biblical injunction to tithe, to give one tenth of our income, is a familiar benchmark for many. Others may be familiar with the concept of proportional giving – making a commitment to give a specific percentage of your income to the Church. We urge every member of the parish to pledge at least two percent of their family income to support the important ministries at St. John's Church.

We believe this is a very achievable commitment level for our parish – if everyone participates. The following table provides weekly giving levels corresponding to certain percentages at several income levels:

Income Level

10% of Income

5% of Income

2% of Income

















This year, we are asking every current pledging household increase its pledge by at least $10 per week (less than $1.50 per day).

Why is proportional giving better than agreeing to give a flat dollar amount?

Thinking in terms of a pledge as a proportion of your income rather than a dollar amount helps you focus on your relationship with God. Proportional giving makes it easy to see the relative importance of charitable giving in your life and also has built-in flexibility for any ups and downs in your personal situation. As you prosper, you give more at the same percentage level. If your income is lower, you give less in dollars while maintaining the same percentage.

A pledge pyramid has also been constructed below from 2013 pledges. For some, this pyramid is a helpful starting point of comparison with others who have pledged to St. John's Church. We are hoping that you consider stretching to the next pledge range this year.

Pledge Range

Number of Pledges

Percent of Number
of Pledges

Percent of Dollars Pledged

$30,000 and over
































Total # Pledges:




Total $ Amount:


Why is pledging better than just making a weekly offering?

Pledging allows the Vestry and staff to plan for the future and be good stewards in making budget decisions. Anticipating financial resources is necessary to set priorities as vital actions are taken concerning our mission and ministry. Our ministries depend on your pledge, and every pledge matters.

How can I fulfill my pledge?

Most parishioners pledge by giving money on a weekly or monthly basis, while others make a one-time gift. In some cases, pledges are pre-paid for the next year in whole or in part for tax planning purposes. Some also meet their pledges by donating appreciated stock directly to St. John's Church. You can also give electronically using electronic bank transfers or a credit card. For information on E-giving, return to the homepage of the website and look for the E-giving icon.

Who can I talk to if I have questions about pledging?

If you wish to discuss your pledge or have any questions about pledging, please contact any member of the Vestry, the Stewardship Committee, or Tim Tuerff, Chair of this year's Every Member Commitment Campaign.

What do our pledges support?

Our annual Every Member Commitment campaign is the primary source for providing the financial resources necessary to continue the worship, education, pastoral ministries, and outreach that mean so much to so many. Continued excellence requires greater commitment. In addition, priorities that need attention are:

  • Improvements to our building including replacement of deteriorating windows in the sanctuary with new energy saving windows matching the current traditional style and providing funding to supplement the insurance coverage for replacement of the tower
  • Upgrades in communication including the website and adequate staffing for timely and effective connections with parishioners and potential newcomers
  • Enhancement of worship with special focus on the Sunday afternoon service
  • Moving forward with preparations for the long-term improvement to the building and grounds by 2017 for our 150th anniversary
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